Safety switches from elobau in the role of The Bodyguard Quickest reaction with perfect monitoring, safety switches from elobau are always ready for targeted operations.

The Bodyguard

Disruption is registered immediately!
Safety sensors (RFID and magnetic) from elobau

Perfect monitoring and fast response.
elobau offers a comprehensive range of magnetic and electronic safety sensors that serve to monitor movable safety guards.

Doors, hoods or covers can be safely monitored with this non-contact and thus wear-free sensor system. Requirements for robustness, water tightness and small size are met without exception.

elobau has also developed safety sensors in stainless steel especially for safety-gate monitoring of food processing equipment which, because of their resistance to cleaning agents and high temperatures, are ideal for use in hygienic and wet areas.

elobau safety sensor based on RFID technology.

Safety sensor eloProtect E

  • RFID technology offers individual coding options
  • best protection against tampering
  • high offset values
  • installation of up to 30 sensors is possible.
eloProtectM safety switch

Safety sensor eloProtect M

  • magnetic sensor
  • increased sensing distances
  • high offset values
  • robust and resistant to mechanical influences.
Safety switch in the smallest design available on the market.

Safety sensor 153...

  • smallest design currently available on the market
  • ideally suited for tight spaces.
Safety switch made of stainless steel for hygienic or wet areas with design 165.

Safety sensor 165...

  • designed for demanding application areas, such as hygenic or wet areas of a machine
  • IP69K protection class.
Safety switch 166 from elobau is ideally suited for large protective flaps.

Safety sensor 166

  • suitable for large guard doors and other guarding
  • various cable outlet options
  • multiple possibilities for actuator magnet approach
  • large sensing distance of up to 8mm
  • misalignment values from to +/- 4mm.
Compact safety sensor from elobau with flexible installation options.

Safety sensor 114

  • simple, compact solution which is ideally suited for sliding doors
  • offers extremely flexible mounting as the safety sensor can be actuated from several directions.
Cube-shaped safety switch available with LED status control.

Safety sensor 161

  • LED status indicator is possible
  • cube-shaped safety sensor.
Safety sensor made of stainless steel with M12 thread.

Safety sensor 122.. /M12

  • the completely sealed stainless-steel housing can withstand even intense cleaning with aggressive media and extreme temperatures
  • small, robust, flexible
  • ideally suited for the process area inside the machine.
Safety sensor with M18 thread and protection class up to IP69K

Safety sensor 120.. /M18

  • round compact housing
  • ideal for the food processing industry
  • IP69K protection class.
Safety sensor made of stainless steel with M30 thread and a high protection class up to IP69K

Safety sensor 171.. /M30

  • various connection options and LEDs
  • available in stainless steel and PBT
  • IP69K protection class.
Compact system from elobau, cleverly combined safety sensor with integrated evaluation electronics.

Safety sensor with integrated relay

  • the clever combination of a safety sensor with integrated evaluation electronics
  • space saving & extremely cost effective
  • ideally suited for guard doors or hood monitoring
  • no need for any additional control unit in the switch cabinet.